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An 8-week training program for awakening your deep inner power.
A mindset-flipping, fear-busting journey back to your SOURCE - or spiritual center.
The key to unleashing your “make it happen” swag, so you can finally start sharing your gifts with the world.
Your roadmap to freedom rooted in action. Go after the glory with guts, baby!


We’ll be rockin’ through two months of spiritual clarity, vision building, conscious creation, and energetic exploration.The end goal is to plug you back into your innate wisdom & awareness, so you can start taking action from a place of complete confidence - for yourself, your business, and your future. A new module soars into your inbox each week; complete with training videos & transcripts, downloadable MP3’s, exercises, action sheets, and weekly success calls to help you stay on target.

The best part? Once you click ‘ENROLL NOW’, you’ve got lifetime access to all materials & upgrades on the secret members-only site. So, while SOURCE is a group program, you can go at your own pace.
Hop aboard with me, and you’re part of the crew for good.

“The keywords that got me into the program were: YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR SUCCESS!! I can summarize my experience in SOURCE with the following: Love it up, love it down! * Being ok with enough * Self Doubt is part of life * Living by default and not by define * You are your most valuable asset * You don't have to have it all figured it out to move forward * All the answers are in me!!”
Learn why strengthening your connection to your Spirit (or ‘higher self’) is critical to living a purpose-driven, successful life.
Own everything that you are (yep, even your flaws), and be responsible for the life you create. It’s time to stop blaming others for your past or present, and start turning your attention to who you want to become.
This week is all about “sourcing” yourself. You will not be receiving any new lessons this week, rather I want you to use this week to reflect on what you have learned in the previous modules.
Listen to your soul, and connect with Spirit to discover your true purpose. This week is about learning to ignore all that chatter in your head, and hone in on your inner guidance.
Get clarity on where you need to be, and what you should be doing. This goes hand in hand with understanding your purpose.
Pin down your dreams, and take action. Identify your goal, get clear on your obstacles, and map backwards to determine what steps you should take to get where you so dearly want to be.
Absolutely everything is energy. Discover how to shift the energy around you to fully understand your SOURCE, and how following that light leads to fulfillment.
This week is all about “sourcing” yourself. The intention behind “sourcing” yourself is to create powerful rituals and practices that will support you on your journey to freedom and liberation.
“SOURCE helped me become the person I was born to be. Because of this I met and got engaged to the love of my life!! I uncovered my life's purpose: helping others uncover their passions and discover their purpose in life. If you need to make a breakthrough and get your why, find the strategy and make it happen Vasavi is the one!! I truly admire her freedom forward, no fear, consistent action, hustle and flow attitude. She walks her talk and is the most passionate, compelling driven, value adding , generous, no BS coach I have met! I loved the program and the exercises really helped me see myself clearly and deeply.”

Once you hop on board with SOURCE, you get instant access to our exclusive members-only Facebook page. It’s a space to support, encourage, and motivate your fellow SOURCErs, share stories and challenges, and spread the good word about your successes. There will be plenty of opportunity to meet and connect with others 1-on-1. And who knows? You may find a new client, joint venture partner or just make a tight-knit group of new friends.

You know SOURCE is packed-to bursting with amazing value.
But where’s the fun in stopping there?
I’ve added in some incredible, content-packed gifts to make the deal even sweeter!

This is IT. The complete guide to getting your dream business off the ground, even if you’re still on your 9-to-5 grind. Whether your business has already started, or you’re hammering out ideas by night, this covers all the basics you’re looking for. From time management to budget, to discovering your strengths and fleshing out concepts, it’s got everything you need to know.

Listen in on personal interviews with the teachers, thought leaders, & mentors who taught me everything I know. We get into the nitty gritty on:

Financial Abundance
The 4 Pillars of Success
Breaking Free From the Stories You've Been Taught
Discovering and Owning Your True Purpose
12 Things You Need to Let Go of to Succeed

This E-Course empowers you with:

Three weeks of easy-to-love lessons delivered straight to your inbox A crash course in mindfulness, self-knowledge & unshakeable confidence 11 modules to help you strengthen your connection to yourself, and the world around you The greatest adventure of them all: a deep-dive exploration into who you really are.

SOURCE Investment value: 

(including some seriously life-changing gifts and free programs):


Your investment?


And for a limited time, you may pay in 4 easy installments of $161.

This program has one purpose: to help you take action from a place of grounded,
gorgeous courage, and achieve your dreams and goals – no matter what.

Still not sure if SOURCE is right for you? Drop by the FAQ’s page to get the answers to your questions.

Running into issues with the community or membership site? Anything else you’re not crystal clear on? Just drop us a line. We’ll get your query handled, and make sure you’ve got all you need to succeed

Still not sure if SOURCE is right for you? Drop by the FAQ’s page to get the answers to your questions.

You’re hesitant. I get it. You’ve read this stuff before – maybe you’ve even tried another course with little to no ROI.

Not in my house, honey.

I’m so certain this program will give you results, I’m offering something very, very special.

I'm so confident that this program is going to change your life for the better, I'm willing to guarantee it. Participate in the program for 30 days. By that time, if you don't feel this SOURCE will help you achieve your goals, I will personally refund every cent of your money provided that you turn in all completed modules and worksheets.

Your SOURCE is ready to be explored, adored, and put to work.

Say YES to success & unstoppable action.

Say YES to the freedom you’ve been craving for so long.

Say YES to YOU - with courage.


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